Sunday, 22 May 2016


Dress: Motel // Denim Shirt: Vintage // Bag: TKMaxx // Runners: Adidas // Sandals: Asos // Silver Chocker: Asos // Sunglasses: Penneys/Primark

Maybe you don't see people looking at you because you aren't looking at them. Maybe you don't hear all the good things people say about you because you are too focused on the bad. Maybe you are a lot more wonderful, beautiful and special than you ever give yourself credit for.......

Порою нужен сбой в системе и шаг на ощупь в темноте...а иногда побыть не с теми...чтобы наконец понять, кто - те...

Saturday, 7 May 2016

the once in a lifetime kind of people

at certain stage of your life you suddenly realise that you don't want to waste your time on little things don't want to go out, hang out with people who can only bring you down....small talk people around you begin to think that you are too serious & boring..they cannot understand you....but I want to make something important..something meaningful....inspire myself & others....& that's #important....& then beside you remain only those for whom your goals & dreams mean just as much as they do to you...& then it becomes easy.... 

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

that isn't you

Mules: Truffle Collection from Asos // Trousers: Asos // Sleeveless Blazer: Topshop // Stripy Top: Zara
that isn't you..sitting in the office doing 9-5 many thoughts ran through my mind today....why girls/women can't support each other..why can't we be happy for each other? jealousy is awful, but I hate it the most when I am not jealous of a person but they think that I am and that makes me feel the is no one else's job to take care of you but you....whatever you do..whatever is associated with your name....make sure you give 100%..even if you hate it, but whatever you are doing now will help you with whatever you want to do in the future....but never tarnish your to motivate to love freely and to get rid of negative to stay healthy...make sure to try new good to my family....& more & more & more....thoughts, questions racing racing racing..........................

Saturday, 23 April 2016


why is it that everyone around you knows exactly what's best for you...while are lost..still trying to figure out yourself...still have no idea what you should do with your do they know me?? why do they think they know me?

Thursday, 14 April 2016

she is someone

Bag: Coach (similar here) // Kick Flare Trousers: Asos (similar here) // Flats: Jigsaw
at today's photoshoot it felt as if people were turning around on the street thinking "she is someone"..there literally was a queue of people beside us waiting to take a picture of St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre from the same spot as where we were...passers by were very curious...a few even tried to jump into the shot with me....hah it was fun!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

to be everything for someone

Bag: Longchamp / Coat: TK Maxx / Boots: Carvela Kurt Geiger - Gray Sinner